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Creature Cocks Pussidon Sea Monster Masturbator by XR Brands

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Color: Blue


Embark on an extraordinary underwater journey with the magnificent Pussidon Sea Monster stroker! Immerse yourself in pleasure with this pale blue wonder, featuring soft, raised lips and a snug little opening. Dive into a wild experience as the textured ribs, grooves, and nubs inside the stroker drive you to sheer bliss. With the silicone plug at the base, you can easily control the pressure and suction. Keep the plug in for an intensified sensation, with each pump increasing the tightness and suction for an exhilarating squeeze. When you're ready, simply remove the plug to release the pressure. Plus, the open-ended case allows for effortless cleaning - just rinse it thoroughly with water. For a thorough cleanup, remove the stroker sleeve and wash it separately before leaving it to air dry. To keep it dust-free, place the cap on top after reinserting the sleeve. Remember to use water-based lubricants only for a smooth and sensational experience. Indulge in your darkest desires and explore your sci-fi or horror fantasies with pleasure!

The last memory you have is the feeling of tumbling overboard. It was a beautiful summer day, the water serene and tranquil. The wind carried you towards the island, promising a safe return before nightfall. You had ventured into uncharted fishing grounds, hoping to reel in something extraordinary, and your wish came true - the biggest catch of your life! It would have fed you for weeks! But then, the winds shifted, the waters roared, and the next thing you knew, you were plunged into the deep depths. As you regained consciousness, you found yourself in an underground cavern. This mystical cave enveloped you in cool, moist air, with salty waters flowing beneath and enchanting lights dangling from above. Suddenly, a voice echoed through the cavern. "Good to see you're awake," it said. A peculiar creature appeared before you, a humanoid figure with a pale blue complexion. Their eyes gleamed in the darkness, resembling a mermaid but far more menacing than the ones of your childhood. This being was a fusion of human and dolphin, exuding both beauty and danger. Their skin felt incredibly smooth as their warm fingers grazed your skin. A chilling smile revealed a set of shark-like teeth.

Terrified, you managed to stammer, "Who are you? Where am I? Why am I here?" With a calm demeanor, the creature responded, "You took something that didn't belong to you. We simply reclaimed what was rightfully ours. The fish you caught was not meant for you." As you observed in disbelief, the creature reached into the fish and extracted a radiant pearl. "It must not fall into the wrong hands," they emphasized. Desperately searching for an escape route, you found none. "Can I leave? Will you allow me to go?" Silence lingered as the creature studied you intently. Slowly, they climbed onto your body, their powerful muscles pressing against you. Overwhelmed, you felt a strange intoxication and a spellbinding enchantment. As the creature mounted you, their words filled the air, "You... possess something else we need. Something essential for our survival." They undressed you swiftly, and despite your instinct to resist, they seized your rod and skillfully stroked until it became rigid. Bewildered, you managed to ask, "What are you doing?" Yet, your resistance waned, as if captivated by their undeniable allure. In the throes of passion, they murmured, "Embrace the sensation, for we are about to embark on a journey unimaginable."

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