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Creature Cocks Dragon Snatch Masturbator by XR

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Color: Red


Dragon masturbator is a fantasy-themed adult toy designed to provide a unique and intense sensory experience. 

  1. Design and Aesthetics:

    • Dragon Theme: Adorned with dragon-inspired features like scales and gnarled teeth, adding to the visual and tactile appeal.
    • Texture: The interior is designed with a stimulating array of textured ribs, grooves, and nubs for enhanced pleasure.
  2. Functionality:

    • Pressure and Suction Control: Equipped with a silicone plug at the base, allowing you to control the level of pressure and suction during use. This feature can intensify the sensations, offering a customizable experience.
    • Open-ended Design: Facilitates easy cleaning, as water can flow through the stroker for thorough washing.
    • Removable Sleeve: The sleeve can be detached for comprehensive cleaning, ensuring hygienic use.
  3. Materials and Safety:

    • Material Compatibility: Designed to be used with water-based lubricants, which is important to maintain the integrity of the material.
    • Cleaning and Maintenance: Easy to clean due to its open-ended and detachable design. It's important to let the sleeve air dry completely before reassembling and storing.
  4. Usage and Experience:

    • Intended for Solo Play: Particularly suitable for those interested in fantasy, science fiction, or horror themes, enhancing the user's imaginative experience.
    • Stimulation: The array of internal textures is designed to provide a varied and intense stimulation, catering to users seeking a heightened level of sensation.
  5. Storage and Care:

    • Cap for Protection: Includes a cap to secure the sleeve after cleaning, protecting it from dust and debris.
    • Care Instructions: Regular cleaning and proper storage are emphasized to maintain the product's quality and longevity.
  6. Market Positioning:

    • This dragon stroker, with its unique design, customizable features, and fantasy theme, is positioned as a novel and immersive option in the adult toy market. It appeals to users seeking a thematic and intense sensory experience.

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