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Creature Cocks Wormhole Alien Masturbator by XR Brands

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Color: Purple


Step into an otherworldly experience with this incredibly intense alien stroker! Crafted from a plush and pliable TPE material, this vibrant purple stroker features a tantalizing taloned entry. Inside, you'll discover an array of dynamic textures including ribbing, grooves, and delightful nubs that will send you into a frenzy of pleasure as you glide inside and relish in the tight grip. Take control of the pressure and suction with the help of the silicone plug located at the base of the stroker. Leave it in for added pressure and suction with each exhilarating thrust, or remove it to release the tension. Once the plug is removed, the case becomes conveniently open-ended, allowing for easy rinsing and effortless water flow. For a thorough cleaning, remove the stroker sleeve and cleanse it separately before air drying. Keep the sleeve protected from dust and debris by placing the included cap on top. Remember to only use water-based lubricants for a smooth and satisfying experience. Prepare to delve into your most sultry sci-fi or horror fantasies as you indulge in the allure of your deepest desires! Unleash your inner sci-fi fantasy with this enticingly eerie alien stroker! Imagine being confined to a chilling metal table beneath a domed ceiling, surrounded by shimmering holographic screens suspended in midair.

The faint hum of electronic gadgets fills the room, and as you strain your ears, you hear the soft echoing of footsteps drawing nearer. Suddenly, a striking humanoid alien with velvety purple skin looms in front of you, exuding an aura of power. They deftly secure your restraints, ensuring you are fully alert, then trace their sharp talon-like fingernails across your chest. Their mouth opens, revealing menacing, curving fangs, and their elongated tongue playfully teases your skin. A shiver courses through your body, awakening your primal instincts of fight or flight.

Desperately, you struggle against the unyielding shackles, but escape seems impossible. Yet, their captivating breasts captivate your attention as their hands venture down towards their thighs. You turn your head to witness a sight that elicits horror from deep within you—a toothy, taloned orifice nestled between their legs, pulsating with a slippery wetness. With a swift motion, they mount you upon the table, their eyes ablaze with a wicked allure as they passionately ride you. As your member plunges into their insatiable orifice, you feel an overwhelming sensation as if your very essence is being absorbed, drawing all of your energy into your throbbing shaft. The pulsing and suction engulf your every thought, pushing you to the brink, until, suddenly, you succumb to an explosive release, surrendering to the incomparable pleasure that consumes you entirely.

Dimensions: Case: 8.7 inches in length x 3.5 inches in width. Insertion depth: 7.25 inches.

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