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Creature Cocks Predator Masturbator by XR

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Color: Grey


The Predator masturbator is a male masturbatory aid with a unique design and features aimed at enhancing pleasure. 

  1. Intriguing Design:

    • The stroker has a sleek gray appearance, making it visually appealing.
    • The exterior is adorned with circular dimples, providing a distinctive look and grip.
  2. Internal Texture:

    • Inside, it features rows of stimulating ribs, grooves, and nubs designed to enhance sensation during use.
    • This textured interior aims to mimic more realistic and intense sexual experiences.
  3. Adjustable Pressure and Suction:

    • Equipped with a silicone plug at the base of the case, allowing users to control the level of pressure and suction.
    • By inserting the plug, the stroker creates intensified pressure and suction, offering a tighter sensation.
  4. Easy Cleaning:

    • The open-ended design facilitates easy cleaning, as water can flow through effortlessly.
    • The detachable sleeve allows for thorough cleaning and easy maintenance.
  5. Protective Cap:

    • Comes with a cap to protect the stroker from dust and debris, ensuring hygiene and prolonging the product’s life.
  6. Water-Based Lubricant Compatibility:

    • Users are advised to use water-based lubricants with this product for optimal performance and to protect the material.

Usage and Safety Considerations

  • Cleaning: Regular and thorough cleaning is essential for maintaining hygiene. The detachable sleeve should be cleaned separately and allowed to air dry completely before reinsertion.
  • Lubrication: The use of water-based lubricants is recommended to ensure compatibility with the silicone material and enhance the experience.
  • Storage: Keep the stroker in a cool, dry place with the protective cap on to prevent dust accumulation.

Overall Assessment

The Predator stroker is designed for individuals seeking an enhanced and immersive masturbatory experience. Its unique design, adjustable suction, and stimulating internal texture cater to those looking for a more intense and customizable experience. The easy-to-clean and maintain aspects of the stroker, along with its protective cap, make it a practical choice for regular use.

As with any sex toy, it's important to follow usage instructions and safety guidelines to ensure a satisfying and hygienic experience. The Predator stroker could be a valuable addition to the repertoire of those seeking to explore their desires with a sci-fi or horror-themed twist.

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