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Coochy Caterpillar Vibrating Cock Ring By Hott Products

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Color: Purple


The Caterpillar Cock Ring brings a sense of playfulness and fun to your intimate moments. With its adorable design and vibrating antenna, this accessory aims to enhance pleasure and create a whimsical atmosphere. Whether used during solo play or shared moments with a partner, the Caterpillar Cock Ring offers a unique and delightful experience.
  1. Caterpillar Design: The Caterpillar Cock Ring features a cute and playful design inspired by a caterpillar, adding a touch of whimsy to your intimate moments.

  2. Vibrating Antenna: The sensuous antenna on the caterpillar serves as a vibrating element, providing delightful sensations for added pleasure.

  3. Stretchable Material: Designed to stretch, the cock ring can accommodate various sizes, ensuring a snug fit for most users.

  4. Intimate Stimulation: The vibrating antenna delivers erotic vibrations, contributing to heightened pleasure for both partners during intimate play.

  5. Versatile Use: Use the Caterpillar Cock Ring during intercourse to enhance pleasure and add a playful element to shared moments.

Usage Tips:

  • Application: Stretch the Caterpillar Cock Ring and slide it over the penis, ensuring a comfortable yet secure fit. Position the vibrating antenna for optimal contact.

  • Vibration Activation: Activate the vibrating antenna to experience delightful sensations. Explore different intensities and patterns for a customized experience.

  • Shared Intimacy: Incorporate the Caterpillar Cock Ring into shared intimate moments with your partner, enhancing pleasure for both individuals.

  • Cleaning: Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning the caterpillar cock ring to maintain hygiene. Since it is likely made of body-safe materials, use a water-based lubricant for optimal compatibility.


  • Size Compatibility: Ensure that the Caterpillar Cock Ring is stretchable enough to fit comfortably while providing the desired level of constriction.

  • Vibration Control: Experiment with the vibrating antenna to discover the sensations that resonate best with you and your partner.


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