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Closer Connection Condoms by Lifestyles®

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  1. Thinnest Condom Yet: Marketed as LifeStyles' thinnest condom, the Closer Connection aims to provide users with a heightened and more natural experience during intimate moments.

  2. Lubricated Finish: The condom features a lubricated finish, enhancing pleasure and ensuring a smoother experience during use.

  3. Natural Rubber Latex: These condoms are made from natural rubber latex, a common material used in condom production.

  4. Straight Shape: The condoms are designed with a straight shape, catering to individuals who may prefer this particular condom geometry.

  5. Smooth Texture: The condom boasts a smooth texture, contributing to a comfortable and pleasurable experience for both partners.

  6. Tip Reservoir: Featuring a tip reservoir, these condoms provide an additional safety measure, ensuring that there is space at the tip to collect semen during ejaculation.

It's important for users to follow the provided instructions, check for the expiration date, and use condoms consistently and correctly to ensure effective protection against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If there are any updates or changes to the product, it's advisable to check the official LifeStyles website or consult with healthcare professionals for the latest information on the Closer Connection condom.

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