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CG Tush Tease Anal Stimulant Au Natural Serum by Classic Erotica

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  1. Enhanced Anal Play:

    • Specially formulated to enhance the overall experience of anal play, providing a warming and tingling sensation for heightened pleasure.
  2. Sensitivity Boost:

    • The serum is designed to boost sensitivity in the anal area, intensifying sensations and contributing to a more enjoyable experience.
  3. Fragrance-Free:

    • Crafted without added fragrances, ensuring a natural and unaltered experience without the presence of artificial scents.
  4. Paraben-Free:

    • Formulated without parabens, addressing concerns related to specific preservatives. This feature caters to those who prefer products with fewer chemical additives.
  5. Benzocaine-Free:

    • The serum does not contain benzocaine, providing an alternative for individuals who may seek products without this specific desensitizing agent.

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply a small amount of the Warming & Tingling Serum directly to the anal area before engaging in anal play. The warming and tingling effects are designed to enhance pleasure.

Note: This serum is tailored for individuals seeking an intensified and enjoyable anal play experience. Its fragrance-free, paraben-free, and benzocaine-free formulation aligns with preferences for a more natural and additive-free product.

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