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Candy Cock Ring's 3pk by Hott Products

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The Candy Cock Ring's 3pk by Hott Products is a playful and edible adult novelty item designed for intimate moments. 

  • Quantity: The pack includes three candy cock rings.
  • One Size Fits All: These cock rings are designed to be one size fits all, providing flexibility in usage.
  • Multi-flavored: The candy rings come in multiple flavors, adding a variety of tastes to the experience.

Usage: Candy cock rings are typically used as a light-hearted and enjoyable addition to intimate moments. They can be worn on the penis, offering a sweet and playful twist to couples' activities. The one-size-fits-all design ensures that they can be comfortably worn by most individuals.

Note: It's important to be aware of any allergies or dietary restrictions before using edible adult products. These candy cock rings are meant for adult use, and their consumption should align with the preferences and comfort levels of the individuals involved.

Disclaimer: Always ensure that the use of adult-themed products aligns with the preferences and boundaries of all parties involved. Clear communication and mutual consent are essential in intimate settings.

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