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Gates of Hell 5 Rings by C&B Gear

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Color: Black


  1. Unique Design: The Purgatory Cock Ring features a distinctive design with a series of rubber rings attached by a single strap.
  2. Triple Ring Configuration: Three rings in total, with the largest ring treating the perineum and the remaining two securing the penis.
  3. D-Ring Attachment: Includes a D-ring, providing compatibility for use with any leash or restraint device.
  4. Enhanced Erections: Designed to contribute to harder and longer-lasting erections.
  5. Intensified Orgasms: Aims to enhance orgasms for an elevated sexual experience.
  6. Penis and Ball Restraint: Simultaneously restrains both the penis and balls, creating a unique sensation.
  7. Girth Enhancement: Adds girth to the penis, offering a fuller and more satisfying appearance.


The Purgatory Cock Ring with D-Ring is a unique and innovative accessory designed to create a distinctive experience for users seeking a blend of restraint, enhancement, and kink. Its key features set it apart as a versatile and stimulating addition to intimate play.

The unique design of the Purgatory Cock Ring involves a series of rubber rings connected by a single strap. The largest ring is strategically placed to treat the perineum, providing additional stimulation. The two remaining rings secure the penis, contributing to a sense of restraint and tightness.

One notable feature is the inclusion of a D-ring, allowing users to attach any leash or restraint device of their choice. This opens up possibilities for incorporating power dynamics, bondage play, or various forms of sensory exploration.

Functionally, the Purgatory Cock Ring is crafted to contribute to harder erections, giving users a more substantial and prolonged experience. Additionally, the design aims to intensify orgasms, heightening the overall pleasure during intimate moments.

The simultaneous restraint of both the penis and balls provides a unique sensation, appealing to those interested in combining enhancement with an element of kink. The overall effect of the Purgatory Cock Ring includes added girth to the penis, delivering a fuller and more satisfying appearance.

Whether exploring BDSM dynamics, seeking enhanced pleasure, or experimenting with new sensations, the Purgatory Cock Ring with D-Ring offers a unique and versatile option for individuals and couples alike. As a tool for both restraint and enhancement, it adds an exciting dimension to intimate play.

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