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8 Style Ball Divider by C & B Gear

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Color: Black


a unique accessory designed for those seeking enhanced sensations and stimulation. This ball divider and cock ring combination provide a thrilling experience by separating the testicles while constricting the flow of blood to the penis.

  1. Ball Separation: The device is crafted to keep the testicles in place, offering a distinctive and stimulating experience for the wearer.

  2. Enhanced Sensations: By constricting the flow of blood to the penis, this accessory heightens sensations and provides a more intense experience during intimate moments.

  3. Cockring Functionality: In addition to ball separation, the device also functions as a cockring, contributing to prolonged erections and heightened endurance.

  4. Stimulating Design: The thoughtful design of the ball divider and cockring combination ensures that both form and function are considered, delivering optimal pleasure for the wearer.

  5. Premium Materials: Crafted from body-safe and durable materials, prioritizing your safety and comfort during use.

  6. Versatile Use: Suitable for individuals and couples looking to explore new dimensions of pleasure and intimacy.

Elevate Your Intimate Moments: Enhance your intimate encounters with the unique sensations provided by this ball divider and cockring. Perfect for those seeking an adventurous and stimulating addition to their bedroom experiences, this accessory is designed to elevate pleasure and satisfaction. Explore the possibilities and embark on a journey of heightened sensations with this thoughtfully crafted device.

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