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Bride To Be Picture It Game by Little Genie

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  1. Bridal Party Entertainment: Specifically crafted for bridal parties, Picture It - Bridal Edition adds a lively and creative element to wedding celebrations, including bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or pre-wedding gatherings.

  2. Drawing Challenges: The game involves drawing challenges related to weddings and bridal scenarios. Participants use their artistic skills to convey specific wedding-themed prompts within a limited time.

  3. Creativity over Artistic Skill: Unlike traditional drawing games, Picture It prioritizes creativity over artistic prowess. Players don't need to be skilled artists; they just need to think creatively and capture the essence of the challenges.

  4. Silly Scribbles and Laughter: The game promises laughter as players attempt to interpret and draw wedding-related scenarios. Silly scribbles and creative sketches add a humorous touch to the bridal party experience.

  5. Contents:

    • 90 challenge cards: These cards contain various wedding-themed drawing prompts for players to interpret.
    • 1-minute timer: A time constraint adds excitement to the drawing challenges, encouraging quick thinking and sketching.
    • 1 50-sheet paper pad: Participants use the paper pad to draw their interpretations of the challenges.
    • 1 pink pencil: The included pencil serves as the drawing tool for participants.

How to Play:

  1. Participants draw challenges from the deck of 90 cards.
  2. Using the provided pink pencil and 50-sheet paper pad, players creatively sketch their interpretation of the given wedding-themed prompts.
  3. Laughter ensues as players share and interpret each other's drawings.
  4. The game fosters a light-hearted and enjoyable atmosphere, making it a memorable addition to bridal party festivities.

Overall, Picture It - Bridal Edition combines creativity, laughter, and wedding-themed fun, offering an entertaining and engaging experience for participants in bridal celebrations.

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