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Boundless™ Hog Tie With Cuffs by Cal Exotics

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Color: Black


1. Ultimate Exploration of Sexual Boundaries:

  • The Boundless™ Hog Tie is positioned as the ultimate adult toy for individuals or couples serious about exploring their sexual boundaries. It offers a unique and immersive experience for those interested in BDSM and roleplay, allowing the dominant partner to take full control.

2. Versatile Bondage Positioning:

  • This Hog Tie enables the binding of a submissive partner's hands and feet behind their back (or in the front), facilitating a full bondage experience. The positioning is designed to provide total control for the dominant partner in the couple.

3. Sturdy and Adjustable Components:

  • The product includes sturdy cuffs and ankle ties, both fully adjustable with Velcro®-style hook and loop fasteners. The adjustable ankle cuffs and handcuffs are equipped with universal clasps and o-rings featuring a swivel design for enhanced dexterity and maximum comfort during restraint.

4. Comfortable Design:

  • The Hog Tie features a soft, plushy interior that ensures extreme comfort even when extremities are restrained. The vegan-leather exterior adds a rough aesthetic suitable for intense play. The double-padded, double-stitched design emphasizes comfort for extended and rigorous use.

5. Disassemblable for Flexibility:

  • For individuals seeking a less intense experience, the Boundless™ Hog Tie can be disassembled completely. The individual components may be used as separate wrist and ankle cuffs, providing flexibility in the level of restraint.


  • Users are encouraged to adhere to safety guidelines and communicate openly with their partners to ensure a consensual and enjoyable experience. For more specific details about the Boundless™ Hog Tie, additional product information or guidelines provided by the manufacturer can be referenced.

Explore new heights of pleasure and control with the Boundless™ Hog Tie

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