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Boobs & Boners Card Game by Kheper Games

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The Boobs & Boners Card Game by Kheper Games is a fast-paced and hilarious drinking game designed for adults. It involves outrageous truth questions, dares, and drink assignments. The objective is to quickly match cards and win, leading to the ability to assign fun challenges to other players. The game involves a playful and adult-themed approach to entertainment.

  • Card Matching: Players flip over cards to match boobs, boner, or butt cards with other players.
  • Truths, Dares, and Drink Assignments: Winning cards allows players to assign truths, dares, and drink assignments to others.
  • Fast-Paced: The game is designed to be fast-paced, keeping players engaged and entertained.
  • Last Player Standing: The winner is the last player remaining with cards.

Usage: Boobs & Boners Card Game is meant for social gatherings and adult game nights. Players take turns flipping cards and engaging in the assigned challenges. The game combines elements of matching, humor, and adult-themed content for an entertaining experience.

Note: As with any adult-themed game, it's essential to consider the preferences and comfort levels of all participants. The game involves adult content and is intended for players of legal drinking age.

Disclaimer: Games and activities involving alcohol should be enjoyed responsibly. Players should be mindful of their alcohol consumption and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment. Clear communication and mutual consent are essential in social settings.

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