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Peace & Love 6 in 1 Glove by Blue Bunny

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Color: Black


 Versatile Texture: The Peace & Love 6 in 1 Glove is designed with a versatile texture, making it suitable for various sexual experiences, including finger play, masturbation, massage, and spanking.

  1. Multiple Uses: With its diverse features, each finger of the glove can be used for different sensations and activities, allowing for a range of experiences and pleasures.

  2. Anal and Vaginal Stimulation: The glove's five fingers are uniquely shaped to provide different sensations during anal or vaginal insertion, catering to both men and women.

  3. Smooth and Tapered Finger: One finger is designed to be smooth and tapered, offering a gentle and comfortable option for insertion.

  4. Daring Finger with Bumps: Another finger features daring bumps, providing a more intense and textured experience during use.

  5. Penis-Shaped Bumps: One of the fingers has bumps shaped like a penis, adding a realistic touch and enhancing stimulation.

  6. Raised Finger: Another finger is raised, potentially providing a different sensation compared to the other textured fingers.

  7. Bulging with Veins: One finger is designed to be bulging with slight veins, adding realism and texture for increased pleasure.

  8. Zigzag Tread on Palm: The palm of the glove has a zigzag tread, adding an extra layer of excitement for a powerful hand job.

  9. Variety of Textures: The Peace & Love 6 in 1 Glove offers a variety of textures, ensuring a diverse range of sensations for an enhanced sexual experience.

  10. Ideal for Couples: Whether used alone or with a partner, the glove is versatile enough to cater to various desires and preferences.

The Peace & Love 6 in 1 Glove is a versatile and textured accessory designed to elevate sexual experiences. With its unique finger shapes, diverse textures, and multiple uses, this glove provides a range of sensations for individuals and couples exploring different forms of pleasure. Whether engaging in anal or vaginal stimulation, intimate massage, or playful spanking, the glove offers a variety of options for a more personalized and enjoyable experience.

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