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Douche Trip Shower Wall Mount by Blue Bunny

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Color: White



  1. Innovative Design:

    • Douche Trip is an ingenious addition to the esteemed Blue Bunny Collection, enhancing your bathroom experiences.
  2. Secure Locking Mechanism:

    • Effortlessly secure Douche Trip on smooth surfaces like your bath or shower wall with a secure locking mechanism using suction cups.
  3. Quick Setup:

    • Settles in seconds, providing a quick and easy setup for your bathroom rendezvous.
  4. Easy Relocation:

    • Douche Trip can be relocated with ease by lifting the tabs, allowing for versatile positioning without any hassle.
  5. No Drilling or Fixing Necessary:

    • Enjoy a damage-free experience as Douche Trip requires no drilling or fixing to secure it in place.
  6. Wall-Friendly:

    • Does not damage the walls, ensuring a safe and blissful encounter without leaving any marks.
  7. Adheres to Smooth Surfaces:

    • Adheres well to all smooth surfaces, providing a stable and secure placement during use.

Transform your bathroom into a safe and blissful space with Douche Trip from the Blue Bunny Collection. This innovative accessory settles in seconds, securely locking onto smooth surfaces without the need for drilling or fixing. The quick and easy relocation feature, along with its wall-friendly design, ensures a hassle-free experience. Douche Trip adheres well to all smooth surfaces, making it a versatile and practical addition to your intimate moments.

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