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Ball Spreader Cock Ring by Cal Exotics

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Color: Black


  1. Easy to Use: The Silicone cock ring Ball Spreader is designed for easy use, making it convenient for both foreplay and intimacy.

  2. Minimalist Design: The discreet erection Cock ring enhancer features a minimalist design, providing a subtle and sleek appearance.

  3. Comfortable to Wear: The soft, supple, and super-stretchy ring ensures a comfortable fit during use, prioritizing user comfort for extended wear.

  4. Triple Support: The ring delivers triple support, contributing to increased sensual pleasure and ultimate satisfaction for both partners.

  5. Material: Made from ultra-soft and smooth, super-stretchy phthalate-free, unscented silicone, ensuring a body-safe and enjoyable experience.

  6. Compact Size: The lightweight ring measures a compact 4” x 2.5”/10.25 cm x 6.25 cm overall, making it easy to handle and store.

  7. Cock Ring and Scrotum Rings: Features a stretchy cock ring and built-in independent scrotum rings for added stamina support, enhancing arousal and stimulation.

  8. Easy to Fit and Remove: The erotic design is easy to fit and remove after play, providing a hassle-free experience.

  9. Ideal for Various Users: Perfect for both first-time and experienced users, making it a versatile addition to an intimate toy collection.

  10. Extended Pleasure: Enjoy a rock-hard erection, secure placement, and increased stamina support for extended pleasure.

  11. Foreplay Fun: Ideal for foreplay, the enhancer enhances arousal and stimulation for both partners, adding excitement to intimate moments.

  12. Solo Play: Great for super-sizing your erection during solo play, catering to individual preferences and desires.

  13. Use with Lubricant: For increased tantalizing tingles and sensuous sensations, use a quality lubricant with this toy.

  14. Easy to Clean: Before and after use, clean the enhancement with mild soapy water or a toy cleaner spray for hygiene purposes.

The Silicone Ball Spreader is designed to enhance pleasure, provide support, and make intimate moments more exciting for users, making it a valuable addition to intimate toy collections.

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