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Autoblow Ai Masturbator Insert Vagina

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Color: Beige


  • Seamless Sleeve System: Autoblow A.I. Masturbator features a sleeve system that allows easy transformation, turning it into a versatile sex machine by simply swapping sleeves.

  • Versatile Experience: The ability to switch sleeves provides users with a versatile range of experiences. Choose between the mouth sensation or effortlessly insert a silicone vagina sleeve for a different, carefully designed interior texture. Alternatively, engage in anal pleasure with the tight and smooth anus sleeve.

  • Authentic Silicone Construction: Each Autoblow A.I. sleeve is exclusively crafted from silicone, delivering a remarkably realistic feel that closely mimics the sensation of human flesh.

  • Lifelike Sensation: The silicone vagina sleeve is specifically designed to provide a realistic and enjoyable experience, enhancing pleasure during use.

  • Hygienic and Non-Porous: Autoblow A.I. sleeves are non-porous, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene during every use.

  • Odorless: The silicone material used in the sleeves is entirely odorless, contributing to a clean and pleasant experience for users.

  • Exceptional Durability: These sleeves are built to last, showcasing exceptional durability that grants them a long lifespan for prolonged enjoyment.

  • Sole Men's Sex Toy with Authentic Silicone Sleeves: Autoblow A.I. stands out in the market as the only men's sex toy employing genuine silicone sleeves, showcasing a discernible disparity in quality compared to other products.

  • Immediate Quality Distinction: The use of authentic silicone sleeves in Autoblow A.I. ensures an immediate and noticeable distinction in the overall quality of the product.

  • Discreet Pleasure: Autoblow A.I. offers discreet pleasure, allowing users to enjoy their experience with confidence and privacy.

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