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Adult Surprise Bag for Her by Ozze Creations

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"Pecker Playful Collection" - 6-Piece Set

  1. Stress Pecker Keychain:

    • Featuring a Stress Pecker design, this keychain adds a humorous and playful touch to your keys or bag.
    • Perfect for squeezing away stress and bringing a smile to your face during busy moments.
  2. Amusing Pecker-themed Playing Cards:

    • A deck of playing cards with an amusing Pecker theme, adding a cheeky and entertaining element to your card games.
    • Ideal for adult game nights, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or any occasion where laughter is welcomed.
  3. Penis Air Freshener:

    • A unique and playful air freshener with a penis-shaped design, bringing a touch of humor to your car, home, or any space.
    • Fragrance adds a delightful and refreshing scent to your surroundings.
  4. Compact Mini Vibe:

    • A discreet and compact mini vibrator, perfect for personal pleasure and on-the-go excitement.
    • Designed for those who appreciate a playful and cheeky addition to their intimate accessories.
  5. Pecker-shaped Wine Charms:

    • Set of wine charms shaped like Peckers, adding a whimsical and entertaining element to your wine glasses during parties or gatherings.
    • Helps guests identify their glasses with a playful twist.
  6. Willy Pecker Puzzle Book:

    • A puzzle book featuring Willy Pecker-themed challenges, where you can enjoy finding hidden objects and solving puzzles.
    • Provides a lighthearted and amusing activity for leisure time or as a gift for puzzle enthusiasts with a sense of humor.

Additional Highlights:

  • Unique and Playful: Each item in the collection is designed to bring a unique and playful touch to various aspects of your life

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