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Adam's Tight Masturbator With Massage Beads by Adam & Eve

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Color: Beige


Enhanced Sensation for a Mind-Blowing Experience: This masturbator is designed to elevate the pleasure experience with its combination of realistic details and stimulating internal textures, making it a great choice for enhanced solo sessions.

  1. Realistic Design:

    • Lifelike Vaginal Opening: Detailed with a clitoris and labia for a visually and physically realistic experience.
    • Soft, Stretchy TPE Skin: Mimics the feel of real skin, adding to the authenticity of the experience.
  2. Internal Texture and Stimulation:

    • Dense Massage Balls: Located at the entry, these balls provide an extra-tight sensation, enhancing the feeling of tightness and intensity.
    • Nubs and Ridges Inside: The inner chamber is lined with stimulating nubs and ridges, designed to massage and rub for maximum pleasure with every stroke.
  3. User-Friendly Features:

    • Textured Exterior: Offers a no-slip grip, ensuring comfortable and secure handling during use.
    • Open-Ended Design: Facilitates easy cleaning, contributing to better hygiene and maintenance.
  4. Size and Dimensions:

    • Total Length: 5.5 inches
    • Width: 3.04 inches
    • Compact and ergonomically sized for ease of use and storage.
  5. Material:

    • Made from TPE rubber, known for its softness and flexibility, providing a realistic and comfortable experience.

Ideal for Lifelike Solo Adventures: Adam's Tight Masturbator with Beads is perfect for those seeking a realistic and intense stroking experience. Its lifelike features and stimulating textures are designed to provide a deeply satisfying experience, closely mimicking real-life intimacy.

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