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40 Reasons to Have Sex Card Game by Kheper Games

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The Kheper 40 Reasons to Have Sex Card Game offers an exciting way for couples to explore new and adventurous positions in the bedroom.

  • 40 Illustrative Cards: Each card features a different position or scenario, providing couples with a wide variety of options to choose from.
  • Included Stand: Convenient stand allows players to display a card, making it easy to reference and get inspired during play.
  • Hours of Fun: With 40 unique positions to explore, couples can enjoy extended play sessions filled with excitement and pleasure.
  • Couples Play: Designed specifically for two players, creating an intimate and enjoyable experience for partners.
  • Beginner Friendly: The game is accessible to all experience levels, making it perfect for couples who are new to experimenting with different positions.


  • Inspiring and Creative: Each card features a visually appealing illustration of a new sexual position or scenario, providing inspiration and guidance for couples.
  • Encourages Communication: Players can discuss their preferences and desires openly, fostering communication and intimacy in their relationship.
  • Sparks Exploration: The game encourages couples to step out of their comfort zones and try new things, adding excitement and novelty to their sexual experiences.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: The compact size of the game makes it easy to store and transport, allowing couples to enjoy spontaneous play anytime, anywhere.
  • Stand Included: The included stand adds convenience and functionality, allowing players to easily view and select cards during gameplay.

Overall Experience:

The Kheper 40 Reasons to Have Sex Card Game is a fun and playful way for couples to spice up their love life and explore new dimensions of intimacy together. Whether you're looking to try something new or simply add excitement to your routine, this game offers endless possibilities for pleasure and connection.

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