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Top 10 must-have toys for couples | Source Adult Toys

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Top 10 must-have toys for couples


Introducing adult toys into your intimate moments can transform your relationship, bringing you closer than ever before. Whether you're seeking to amplify sensations, introduce variety, or simply have fun together, these top 10 must-have toys for couples offer a gateway to shared ecstasy.


  1. Vibrating couple's ring. A vibrating couple's ring is a versatile toy that offers pleasure for both partners. Designed to be worn around the base of the penis, it provides vibrating sensations that stimulate the clitoris during intercourse, intensifying pleasure for both.


  1. Couple's vibrator. A couple masturbator, like the We-Vibe, is a game-changer for shared pleasure. Inserted into the vagina, the unit simultaneously arouses the clitoris, G-spot and penis during intercourse.


  1. Sensation-enhancing lubricant. Enhance your intimate moments with a high-quality lubricant specially formulated to intensify sensation. Choose one that offers a warming or tingling effect, heightening pleasure for both partners during sensual encounters.


  1. Couple's massage kit. Indulge in the sensual art of massage with a couple's massage kit. Complete with massage oils and candles, this kit fosters a deeper connection through touch and intimacy.


  1. Feather tickler. Awaken your senses and heighten the anticipation with a feather tickler. Gently caress it over your partner's body to stimulate their nerve endings and build up excitement, setting the stage for more intimate exploration.


  1. Ignite desire and build trust with a blindfold. By removing the sense of sight, you amplify every touch, kiss, and caress, intensifying the pleasure and creating an atmosphere of mystery and excitement.


  1. Pleasure dice. Inject spontaneity and playfulness into your lovemaking with pleasure dice or other sexy games. Roll the dice to determine actions or body parts to focus on, adding an element of surprise and anticipation to your shared pleasure.


  1. Intimate massager. An intimate massager, such as a bullet vibrator, can be used as a couple masturbator to stimulate erogenous zones during foreplay or intercourse. They're compact and discreet.


  1. Sex position guide. Unleash your creativity and discover new heights of pleasure with a sex position guide. Illustrated with a variety of positions, it can inspire you to try different angles and movements, enhancing physical and emotional connection.


  1. Bondage starter kit. For couples interested in exploring BDSM, a bondage starter kit can ignite passion and trust. Including restraints, a blindfold, and a feather tickler, the kit provides a safe and consensual way to delve into power dynamics and enhance your intimate encounters.


Remember to communicate openly and prioritize consent before introducing toys to the bedroom.


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