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The evolution of adult toys: From classic to high-tech | Source Adult Toys

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The evolution of adult toys: From classic to high-tech


Throughout history, humans have sought ways to enhance their sexual pleasure, and the evolution of adult toys reflects our constant pursuit of intimate satisfaction. From rudimentary objects to the sophisticated, high-tech devices of today, the history of sex toys reflects changing cultural attitudes about pleasure and sexual well-being.


Ancient beginnings

The use of sex toys dates back thousands of years. In ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece, phallic-shaped objects made from wood, stone, and leather were discovered in archaeological digs. These early sex toys were believed to have been used for both pleasure and fertility rituals.


The Victorian era and stigma

During the Victorian era, sexuality became more repressed, and the use of sex toys was largely considered taboo. Society's conservative attitudes led to the development of euphemistic language, with sex toys discreetly referred to as "marital aids" or "personal massagers." Despite Victorian prudishness, inventive individuals crafted elaborate and beautifully designed contraptions for personal pleasure.


The sexual revolution

The mid-20th century saw the beginnings of a sexual revolution, which drastically changed societal attitudes toward sex and adult toys. In the 1950s and 1960s, electric vibrators were sold in mainstream women’s magazines as a medical device. However, the feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s destigmatized sex toys even further, arguing that they could empower women by providing sexual pleasure on their terms.


Changing stigma

Over the past few decades, the stigma associated with using sex toys has significantly diminished. Woman who use them are no longer deemed “of indecent nature”, and men who got over the outdated patriarchal beliefs view them as tools for enhancing pleasure, exploring their bodies, and improving overall sexual well-being. Individuals from all orientations use them for anal, vaginal and penile stimulation.


The portrayal of sex toys in popular culture, from TV shows to movies, has contributed to this normalization. For example, the 1990s television show Sex in the City popularized the rabbit vibrator, glass dildo and the magic wand vibrator. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Eva Longoria and Carmen Electra openly discussing their use of adult toys have also played a role in reducing the stigma.


Modern high-tech innovations

Today, adult toys have evolved into high-tech marvels. The well regarded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has now a dedicated space for sex tech. Companies produce an array of sophisticated vibrators, dildos, and other devices equipped with various features like app-controlled settings, virtual reality integration, and even artificial intelligence. The advent of the internet has made these products easily accessible to everyone.


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