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Silence is Bliss: Exploring Quieter Adult Toys for Discreet Pleasure | Source Adult Toys

Silence is Bliss: Exploring Quieter Adult Toys for Discreet Pleasure | Source Adult Toys

Silence is Bliss: Exploring Quieter Adult Toys for Discreet Pleasure

They say that discretion is the better part of valour. However, in our case, we feel that discretion is the better part of pleasure.


Whether you’re sharing a thin-walled house with roommates or you just find the buzzing of a vibrator to be obnoxious and annoying, quieter sex toys can be a blessing if you’re looking for some golden silence.


As the source for sex toys in Edmonton, let Source Adult Toys explore the world of silent sex toys, such as quiet vibrators, glass dildos, and more.


Silicon and Glass Dildos

The conversation around silent sex toys begins with dildos.


For a budget option, you might want to consider the Silly Willy Dildo 3.3" by Addiction. It offers a compact and petite design with glow-in-the-dark feature for added visual appeal. It also boasts a suction base for hands-free play.


Some those who want something more realistic, there is the Realrock Extra Long Realistic Dildo 13" by Shots. This toy, along with others from the same brand, offers a realistic look with a firm yet velvety texture.


Another great option is the Spiral Glass Dildo 6.5" by Glas. This glass dildo is compatible with your favourite lube and offers a unique and stimulating texture that adds a sensation-packed experience to playtime.


The Vibrator Options

Vibrators have a reputation for being loud and obnoxious, but there are many options that offer quiet and discreet operation.


The Octopi Vibrating Bullet by Shots is a great budget option that offers whisper-quiet and user-friendly operation while providing sensual comfort. Experience the quiet pleasure and quality craftsmanship that come with this powerful bullet vibrator.


Another fantastic budget option is the Mini Jumpin Gyrator Vibrator 3.5" by Cal Exotics. It offers a compact and discreet size along with quiet operation and three speed settings, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a discreet yet powerful pleasure device.


If you really feel like treating yourself, the LELO™ Smart Wand 2 Medium is a great high-end option. With a rechargeable design and whisper-quiet power, it delivers both relaxing and sensual pleasure in 10 distinct vibration settings.


Toys for Couples

There are many options for vibrating sex toys for couples in Edmonton as well. From something as simple as a double ended dildo to vibrating remote controlled toys, you can find a great selection of toys for couples.


For a discreet double ended dildo that vibrates, you can try the Our Gyro Double Ended Vibrator by Evolved. This delivers high-intensity stimulation with two opposite facing dildos that unleash powerful sensations at the touch of a button.


Looking for a discrete wearable toy for couples? The We-Vibe™ Tease Us Set Moxie & Bond Interactive Couples Masturbator is a great option for couples who enjoy subtle teasing and pleasure. They can even work over long distances, meaning they’re great for couples who are apart but missing each other.


Find the Toy That Suits You Today

Where can you purchase these, or any other, sex toy? That’s easy – Source Adult Toys in Edmonton. Whether you need a vibrator, double ended dildo, glass dildo, cock ring, or anything else, you can visit us or order online.

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