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How to introduce adult toys into your relationship | Source Adult Toys

Photo of a couple in a bed with toys

How to introduce adult toys into your relationship 


Discovering the world of adult toys can bring excitement and intimacy to your relationship. However, introducing the idea to your partner can be sensitive. Here are some tips on smoothly introducing adult toys, suggesting suitable options, and ensuring your partner feels excited and comfortable without hurting their ego or causing confusion. 


Establish open communication 

Initiate an open and honest conversation with your partner about introducing adult toys. Find a comfortable setting and express your desires and fantasies. Listen attentively to their feelings, concerns, and boundaries. Address any misconceptions and assure them that toys are meant to enhance pleasure, not replace them. 


Learn and share knowledge 

Educate yourself about adult toys before discussing them with your partner. Visit a reputable adult toy store, online or in-person, to familiarize yourself with the options available. Share your newfound knowledge, emphasizing the potential benefits toys can bring to your sexual experiences. Explain how they can introduce variety, heightened sensations, and increased pleasure for both of you. 


If you already have an adult sex toy that you use alone, bring it into bed at an agreed-upon time and show your partner how you use it on yourself, then invite them to join in while guiding them on how to use it on each other. 


Emphasize mutual pleasure 

Discuss specific toys that align with your shared interests and desires. For example, mention the exciting possibilities of using vibrating cock rings during intercourse to intensify pleasure for both partners. Frame the conversation as an opportunity for shared exploration, deepening intimacy, and unlocking new levels of pleasure within your relationship. 


Respect boundaries and take it slow 

Respect your partner's comfort level and boundaries throughout the process. Start with beginner-friendly toys that aren't overwhelming. Consider toys that can be incorporated into foreplay or oral sex, such as a small vibrating bullet or sensual massage oil. Encourage your partner to select the toys they feel comfortable exploring. By proceeding at their pace, you can build trust, and anticipation, and ensure a positive experience. 


Foster a fun and positive atmosphere 

Approach the introduction of adult toys with playfulness and positivity. Create a romantic ambiance with massage candles and soothing music. Experiment with different toys together, offering feedback and encouragement. Maintaining a lighthearted and positive approach can make the experience enjoyable and strengthen your bond. 


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