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From Penis Pumps to Vibrators – Exploring a World of Stimulation with Adult Toys

From Penis Pumps to Vibrators – Exploring a World of Stimulation with Adult Toys

From Penis Pumps to Vibrators – Exploring a World of Stimulation with Adult Toys

If you have ever explored the world of adult toys, you have probably been bombarded with a variety of products. From penis pumps to vibrators, how can you know exactly what each product does and how they can help you with your intimate experiences? Let’s dive the toys into the type of stimulation they provide. Maybe you’ll discover some stimulation you did not know were a thing, get curious and explore our website to find them

For Penis


Most people associate penis sleeves as a solution for erection dysfunction. Even though it is true that they can be helpful for penetrative sex, sleeves come with a wide variety of texture and patterns that also stimulate solo play!


Ideal for those seeking a bit of enhancement and excitement, pumps work by creating a vacuum leading to increased blood flow. They usually result in a more intense and pronounced sensitive experience.

Vibrating Rings

These can be real game changers for those seeking a more intense experience. Designed to go around the base of the penis they not only maintain the erection for longer periods of time, but they also vibrate providing intense sensations for all parties involved.

Constriction Toys

The main goal of constriction toys is to act like a tight hug to your penis. The idea is to constrict blood flow leading to a different level of sensation and providing stronger erections for the rings and a forced non-erection for the cages.

Ball Torture Toys

If you are looking for a wilder experience, ball tortures can be just the right option. These toys focus on enhancing the sensations around the testicles and penis to provide intense pleasure and fun for those taking pleasure in pain or in the control of said pain.

For Anal


Plugs can be a great option for everyone. People with prostates usually benefit from them because they can stimulate the gland, intense sensations and pleasure. People with vaginas also benefit from anal plugs as they not only provide anal pleasure, but can also simulate double penetration during sex.


Beads can be a great way of enhancing your anal experience. Different from anal plugs, that are designed to stay in place, beads are usually inserted and removed during sex providing a unique sensation unlike any other.

Vibrating Toys

Add a buzz to your backdoor play! Whether you are going for a solo play or with a partner, anal vibrators offer a wide range of vibrating patterns and degrees that can greatly improve your experience.

Prostate Oriented

If you are looking for intense sensations, these are the hidden gems of male pleasure. Prostate oriented toys are specifically designed to reach the prostate and unlock a whole new level of orgasmic potential. 

For Vaginas and Clitoris

Vibrators and Wands

Vibrators and wands are certainly among the most searched sex toys in the market. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be a great friend for those looking to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot.



Looking for a simple, yet effective way of spicing up your experience? Dildos are classic toys that offer a more “lifelike” sensation and can be enjoyed in various forms, materials and sizes.


Clit Suckers

That’s right! These toys are designed to simulate oral stimulation. Using air pressure around the clitoris, they enhance blood flow in the area which increases sensitivity providing intense sensations and pleasure.



If you are looking for oral stimulation but want to go for a more realistic feel, lickers can be the right choice for you. They can simulate licking sensations with a little soft tong going up and down for an intense intimate experience.


Just like clit suckers, pumps are also designed to increase blood flow but covering the entire vagina. Vaginal pumps are capable of inflating the area very much like penis pumps and greatly increasing sensitivity, making every touch and sensation more intense.

All At Once – Multi Penetration Toys

Why settle for one when you can have it all? Multi Penetration Toys offer simultaneous vaginal, anal, and sometimes even clitoral stimulation. If you are looking for a complete experience and intense pleasure, these toys can provide you with a complete and intense experience.

Looking for Adult Toys?

Dive into our extensive collection and find your perfect pleasure partner. With locations in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, and Kelowna, our shop has everything you need. Visit Source Adult Toys to explore the latest and greatest options of adult toys and let your journey of sensational discovery continue!

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