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Adult toys for solo pleasure: Recommendations and tips | Source Adult Toys

Photo of a woman in a bed next to her vibrator

Adult toys for solo pleasure: Recommendations and tips


Masturbation is a natural and healthy aspect of sexual self-discovery, and the world of adult toys has evolved to make it an even more pleasurable experience. Whether you're a man or a woman, there are fantastic options designed for solo pleasure that prioritize ease of use and ergonomics. Here are three choices for both men and women.


3 toys for men


Penis pump

A penis pump is not only a tool for enhancing pleasure but also a device that can promote sexual health. Finding a high-quality penis pump in Canada is easier than ever. These devices create a vacuum around the penis, improving blood flow and erection quality. Look for one with a user-friendly design that includes clear measurement markings and easy-to-use controls.


Vibrating prostate massager

Prostate stimulation can take solo pleasure to a whole new level.  Vibrating prostate massagers have a curved ergonomic shape that targets the prostate effortlessly, providing intense pleasure without the need for complex maneuvers. Look for a model with various vibration settings to explore different sensations.


Masturbation sleeves

Masturbation sleeves — often called "stroker sleeves" or “fleshlights” — are designed for easy handling and maximum pleasure. These sleeves fit comfortably in your hand and are typically textured on the inside for heightened sensations. They're incredibly simple to use; just apply a little lubricant and let the sleeve do the work. Cleaning is a breeze too, making them a convenient choice for solo pleasure.


3 toys for women


Vibrating dildo

A vibrating dildo is a versatile choice for women seeking solo pleasure. These toys come in various sizes and designs but always prioritize user-friendliness. Look for one with intuitive controls and a comfortable grip. Many models also offer various vibration patterns to cater to your desires. The ergonomic design ensures easy handling, allowing you to focus solely on your pleasure.


Clitoral suction stimulator

Clitoral suction stimulators create a gentle sucking sensation around the clitoris, mimicking the feel of oral sex. The design allows for easy placement and hands-free use, making your experience effortless. Many models feature adjustable intensity levels, so you can find the perfect setting for you.


G-spot vibrator

For women looking to explore their G-spot, a G-spot vibrator with a functional design is a must-have. These toys are curved to target the G-spot with precision, offering intense sensations. Choose one with user-friendly controls and a comfortable handle for easy maneuverability. Some even come with dual stimulation capabilities for added pleasure.


Penis pump and vibrating dildo shipping across Canada

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