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Intro To Prostate Anal Kit by Zero Tolerance

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The Prostate Anal Play Kit is a comprehensive set designed to unlock the pleasures of prostate play, offering a range of toys suitable for every experience level. 

  1. Progressive Stimulation:

    • The kit includes four satin-soft toys made from luxurious silicone, progressing from beginner to advanced stages of prostate play. This allows users to evolve their experience gradually.
  2. Gentle Bulbs and Beads with Suction Cups:

    • The initial toys in the kit feature gentle bulbs and beads with hands-free suction cups, providing a comfortable and stimulating introduction to prostate play.
  3. Erotic Cock Ring & Prostate Combination Play:

    • Moving to a more advanced level, the kit includes an erotic cock ring and prostate combination play toy, offering a dual-stimulation experience for heightened pleasure.
  4. Vibrating Toy for Intensity:

    • The most advanced toy in the kit is equipped with vibrating capabilities, adding an extra layer of intensity to the experience and potentially leading to mind-blowing orgasms.
  5. Dr. Ava’s Guide to Prostate Play DVD:

    • The kit includes a DVD guide by Dr. Ava, providing comprehensive instructions and information on prostate play, making it an educational resource for users at every level.
  6. Fully Waterproof and Submersible:

    • All the toys in the kit are fully waterproof and submersible, allowing for versatile use in the bath or shower.
  7. Easy Clean-Up:

    • Cleaning up after use is easy with the included toy cleaner and a hot water rinse, ensuring hygiene and maintaining the longevity of the toys.

In summary, the Prostate Play Kit is designed to cater to individuals at various stages of prostate play experience. The progression from gentle bulbs and beads to more advanced combination toys, coupled with the addition of vibrating capabilities, provides a comprehensive and pleasurable exploration of prostate stimulation. The inclusion of an instructional DVD adds an educational component to enhance the user's understanding and enjoyment of prostate play.

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