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Weighted Ball Stretcher Medium by California Exotics

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Color: Black


Experience the ultimate support for thrilling orgasms with the Weighted Ball Stretcher Medium by California Exotics. This ring is expertly designed to not only get you hard but also keep you in a heightened state of pleasure throughout your intimate moments.

  1. Ultimate Support: Designed to provide the support you need for a thrilling and satisfying orgasm. The Weighted Ball Stretcher ensures you stay hard, enhancing your overall sexual experience.

  2. Sensual Weighted Design: Enjoy the ultimate in gratification with the weighted feature of this ball stretcher. The added weight adds a new dimension to your pleasure, creating a more intense and satisfying sensation.

  3. Non-Tarnishing and Nickel-Free: Crafted with your safety in mind, this ball stretcher is non-tarnishing and nickel-free. You can indulge in worry-free pleasure, knowing that your intimate moments are safe and secure.

  4. Comfortable Wear: The Weighted Ball Stretcher is designed for comfortable wear, allowing you to focus on the pleasure without any discomfort. Experience the joy of prolonged and heightened sensations.

  5. Medium Size: Specifically designed in a medium size, this ball stretcher is versatile and suitable for a range of users. Find the perfect fit for your desires and enjoy a customized experience.

Elevate your sensual pleasure with the Weighted Ball Stretcher Medium by California Exotics. Immerse yourself in the exquisite sensations of the weighted design, ensuring that your intimate moments are not only satisfying but also filled with heightened pleasure. Indulge in worry-free pleasure and experience the support you need for thrilling orgasms.

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