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G-Spot Condoms by Trojan™

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  1. Designed for Her Stimulation: The Trojan G. Spot Condom is specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot, aiming to enhance pleasure for the female partner during sexual activity.

  2. Enhanced Pleasure for All: The condom is intended to contribute to a more enjoyable and pleasurable sexual experience for both partners by targeting stimulation for her.

  3. Unique Shape for Targeted G-Spot Stimulation: The condom features a unique shape designed for targeted G-spot stimulation. This design aims to provide a more focused and satisfying experience for the female partner.

  4. Condom Material Moves with Motion: The material of the condom is designed to move with the motion of sex. This feature allows for a more natural and comfortable experience, enhancing overall pleasure for both partners.

  5. Micro-Ribbing for Friction: The Trojan G. Spot Condom incorporates micro-ribbing, which is intended to slowly build friction during intercourse. This may contribute to heightened sensation for both partners.

It's important for users to carefully follow the provided instructions, check for the expiration date, and use condoms consistently and correctly to ensure optimal protection and effectiveness. If there are any updates or changes to the product, it's advisable to check the official Trojan website or consult with healthcare professionals for the latest information on the Trojan G. Spot Condom.

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