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The Bruiser 7" Anal Silicone Puppy Tail Plug by Rapture

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Color: Black


Experience the perfect blend of pleasure and play with our Premium Silicone Anal Plug featuring a delightful puppy play tail. Crafted from premium, medical-grade silicone, this anal plug is designed to offer both comfort and durability for extended wear.

  1. High-Quality Silicone: Made from premium, medical-grade silicone, our anal plug ensures a safe and comfortable experience. This body-safe material is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean, making it ideal for intimate play.

  2. Puppy Play Tail: Enhance your role-playing fantasies with the adorable puppy play tail attached to the base of the anal plug. This soft and flexible tail adds an extra element of excitement and visual appeal, perfect for indulging in pet play scenarios.

  3. Graduated Design: The anal plug features a tapered design for easy insertion, gradually increasing in size to provide a satisfying sensation of fullness. The flared base ensures safe and secure wear, preventing unwanted travel during play.

  4. Versatile Use: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, our silicone anal plug is suitable for a variety of experience levels. The compact size and smooth surface make it perfect for both solo and partner play, allowing you to explore your desires at your own pace.

  5. Available Sizes: Choose from a range of sizes to suit your preferences and experience level, ensuring a personalized fit for maximum pleasure and comfort.

Experience Playful Pleasure: Indulge in the exciting world of puppy play with our Premium Silicone Anal Plug featuring a playful tail attachment. Whether you're exploring your submissive side or simply adding a touch of whimsy to your intimate encounters, this versatile toy promises to ignite your imagination and awaken your senses. Elevate your playtime to new heights of pleasure with the perfect combination of premium silicone and playful design.

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