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Tempt & Tease Game by Cal Exotics

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The Tempt & Tease Erotic Game is a captivating and intimate card game designed for couples seeking to enhance their connection. With suggestive prompts and intimate actions, this game encourages communication and playful exploration between partners. The objective is to accumulate 69 points before your opponent, with each card revealing a daring illustration and instructions on the reverse side.

  1. For Couples: Specifically designed for two consenting adults, creating an intimate and shared experience.

  2. Dual Decks: Includes separate decks for Him and Her, each featuring 54 playing cards with captivating illustrations.

  3. Reward Cards: The game includes 60 reward cards that suggest intimate encounters as a prize for the winner.

  4. Simple Instructions: Comes with straightforward instructions for easy understanding and quick setup.

  5. Promotes Communication: Encourages spontaneous play and serves as a fun way to stimulate communication and intimacy.

  6. Spontaneous Play: Embrace the element of chance and spontaneity as you take turns drawing cards and acting on instructions.

How to Play:

  1. Each player takes turns drawing cards and following the instructions provided.
  2. Points are accumulated based on the actions taken.
  3. The first player to reach a total of 69 points is declared the winner.
  4. The winner is rewarded with a special intimate encounter suggested by the reward cards.


  • Promotes communication and intimacy in a playful manner.
  • Enhances understanding and connection between partners.
  • Provides a fun and exciting way to engage in foreplay.
  • Encourages creativity and spontaneity in intimate moments.

The Tempt & Tease Erotic Game is an ideal choice for couples looking to add excitement and intimacy to their relationship. Enjoy the thrill of competition while exploring new levels of connection and pleasure with your partner.

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