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Super Fun Penis Mints Spearmint by Little Geenie

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Refreshing treat with the Penis Shaped Mints in a Tin Case. These cheeky and naughty mints come in a tin case, adding a touch of humor to your breath-freshening routine. Sold individually, this novelty item is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of lighthearted mischief.

  1. Naughty and Playful Design:

    • The Penis Shaped Mints feature a cheeky and playful design, adding a touch of naughtiness to your breath-freshening experience.
  2. Minty Freshness:

    • Enjoy the refreshing taste of mint while embracing the humorous and suggestive shape of these unique mints.
  3. Convenient Tin Case:

    • The mints come in a handy tin case, making them easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or bag for fresh breath on the go.

How to Enjoy:

  1. Freshen Your Breath:

    • Pop a mint or two whenever you desire minty freshness and a playful twist to your breath-freshening routine.
  2. Perfect for Gifting:

    • Share the laughter by gifting these Penis Shaped Mints to friends, adding a humorous and memorable touch to their day.
  3. Ideal for Parties and Events:

    • Include these mints in party favors or as a quirky addition to adult-themed events for a playful and amusing atmosphere.


  • The Penis Shaped Mints are intended for adult novelty and entertainment purposes. They provide a humorous and refreshing twist to the traditional mint experience.

Add a dash of humor to your breath-freshening routine with the Penis Shaped Mints in a Tin Case – a playful and cheeky treat for those who enjoy a bit of naughty fun!

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