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Sir Richards Command Cuff & Collar Set by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Black


"Sir Richard's Cuff & Collar Set." 

Statement-Making Design:

    • The Cuff & Collar Set is designed to make a strong statement during BDSM play.
    • It allows for the secure restraint of the neck along with both wrists if desired.
  1. Collar Construction:

    • The set includes a sturdy and comfortable Heavy-Duty Collar that wraps around the neck.
  2. Wrist Cuff Construction:

    • Two Heavy-Duty Cuffs are included in the set, wrapping around each wrist.
    • The cuffs are made from thick, durable industrial-strength nylon straps.
  3. Adjustability:

    • The nylon straps on both the collar and cuffs feature fully adjustable stainless steel lock rings.
    • This adjustability ensures a controlled and custom fit for the wearer.
  4. Material and Construction:

    • Components of the Cuff & Collar Set are forged from stainless steel and solid rivets, emphasizing durability and quality.
  5. Professional-Grade Carabiners:

    • The set comes with professional-grade carabiners that can support hardcore play and provide complete control during BDSM activities.
  6. Versatility and Linking:

    • Carabiners can be used to link the Cuff & Collar Set to other products in the COMMAND collection, enhancing versatility during play.
  7. Target Audience:

    • The COMMAND Collection is explicitly designed for serious BDSM connoisseurs who seek high-quality products for extreme fetish play.
  8. Brand Values:

    • The brand, Sir Richard's, emphasizes quality, durability, and extreme fetish play in its COMMAND Collection, catering to the demands of serious BDSM enthusiasts.

The Sir Richard's Cuff & Collar Set is positioned as a premium BDSM accessory, offering comfort, adjustability, and compatibility with other products in the COMMAND collection, providing users with a statement-making and controlled experience during play.

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