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Solace Interactive Couples Masturbator by Lovense

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Color: Black


Auto-Thrusting Masturbator


  1. 7 Preset Auto-Thrusting Modes:

    • Offers a variety of preset auto-thrusting modes for different sensations.
  2. Unlimited Thrusting Patterns:

    • Provides unlimited thrusting patterns for customizable experiences.
  3. Syncs to Music:

    • Syncs with music for a rhythmic and immersive experience.
  4. Sound Activated:

    • Can be activated by sound for interactive play.
  5. Close Range & Long-Distance Control:

    • Allows for both close-range and long-distance control for versatile use.
  6. Adjustable Positions:

    • Adjustable positions for customizable and comfortable play.
  7. Up to 280 Strokes Per Minute:

    • Offers a powerful thrusting experience with up to 280 strokes per minute.
  8. Syncs With Lovense Remote:

    • Syncs with the Lovense Remote for convenient control.
  9. Different Sleeve Options:

    • Multiple sleeve options for varied sensations.
  10. Powerful:

    • Features a powerful motor for intense stimulation.
  11. Hands-Free:

    • Designed for hands-free use for added convenience.
  12. Body Safe:

    • Crafted from body-safe materials for a safe and pleasurable experience.
  13. Bluetooth Compatible:

    • Bluetooth compatibility for easy connectivity.
  14. Water Resistant IPX4:

    • Water-resistant design (IPX4) for easy cleaning and aquatic play.
  15. Easy to Clean:

    • Easy to clean after use for hygiene maintenance.
  16. Usage Time:

    • Offers a usage time of 12.5 hours for extended play.
  17. Charging Time:

    • Requires a charging time of 2 hours for a full charge.
  18. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty:

    • Includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.


  • Maximum Depth: 2.75 inches
  • Total Length: 6.06 inches
  • Width: 2.76 inches
  • Diameter of Sleeve Hole: 0.98 inches

This auto-thrusting device is a versatile pleasure product offering a range of features for personalized experiences. With preset modes, unlimited patterns, music syncing, sound activation, adjustable positions, and more, it provides a comprehensive range of sensations. The hands-free design, body-safe materials, and water-resistant construction enhance usability and maintenance. Compatible with Bluetooth and Lovense Remote, it allows for convenient control options. The device's powerful motor ensures intense stimulation, and the variety of sleeve options add to the versatility. With a 12.5-hour usage time and 2-hour charging time, it's designed for extended play. The 1-year manufacturer warranty adds assurance to the product.

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