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Ouch S&B Eye Mask With Skulls & Spikes by Shots

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Color: Black


  1. Edgy and Daring Design:

    • The Ouch Skulls & Spikes BDSM Eye Mask features an edgy and daring design, combining skulls and spikes for a bold aesthetic.
    • Perfect for those who enjoy a rebellious and provocative look.
  2. Skulls and Spikes Detailing:

    • Adorned with intricate detailing of skulls and spikes, adding a touch of gothic and punk elements to the eye mask.
    • Creates a visually striking accessory that stands out.
  3. Soft and Comfortable Material:

    • Crafted from soft and comfortable materials for an enjoyable and sensual experience during wear.
    • Ensures a pleasurable touch against the skin.
  4. Adjustable Strap:

    • Features an adjustable strap for a secure and customizable fit.
    • Allows users to find the perfect fit for their comfort and pleasure.
  5. Enhanced Sensory Deprivation:

    • Designed to enhance sensory deprivation by limiting vision.
    • Adds an element of mystery and anticipation to BDSM and fetish play.
  6. Durable Construction:

    • Constructed with durability in mind to withstand the demands of BDSM activities.
    • Ensures long-lasting use for repeated enjoyment.
  7. Unleash Your Dark Side:

    • Ideal for those looking to embrace their dark and rebellious side during intimate moments.
    • Invites users to explore the world of BDSM with confidence.
  8. Perfect for Role-Playing:

    • The Skulls & Spikes Eye Mask is perfect for role-playing scenarios, allowing users to embody a dominant or submissive persona.
    • Enhances power dynamics and adds excitement to role-playing scenarios.
  9. Statement Piece:

    • Functions as a statement piece, making a bold and confident statement in the world of BDSM fashion.
    • Ideal for those who want to express their unique style in the bedroom.
  10. Ouch Quality:

    • As part of the Ouch brand, known for quality BDSM accessories, the Skulls & Spikes Eye Mask ensures a premium experience.
    • The brand's commitment to design and functionality is reflected in this daring accessory.

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