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Rize Turbine Masturbator by Blush

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Color: Blue


  1. Self-Lubricating Technology:

    • Enjoy a smooth glide by adding a bit of water or saliva to activate the self-lubricating feature.
    • No need for additional lubricants, making it convenient and hassle-free.
  2. Premium X5® Plus Material:

    • Crafted with luxurious X5® Plus material for an irresistibly soft and squishy feel.
    • Each movement is enhanced by the plush and silky texture.
  3. 3 Erotic Pleasure Chambers:

    • Dive into 2 foreplay chambers and 1 rub-a-dub chamber for a variety of arousing sensations.
    • Experience a symphony of massaging pleasures to elevate your solo play.
  4. Body-Warming Technology:

    • Turbine naturally warms to your body temperature, creating a realistic and sensual experience.
    • Responds to your touch, ensuring a lifelike feel that intensifies your desires.
  5. Ultra Flexible Design:

    • Squeeze the stroker to add pressure and customize the intensity to match your preferences.
    • A flexible and adaptable design for a personalized pleasure experience.
  6. Open-Ended Design:

    • Accommodates users of all sizes comfortably.
    • Easy to use and suitable for individuals with varying dimensions.
  7. Textured Exterior for Grip:

    • The textured exterior provides an easy and secure grip during use.
    • Apply the desired pressure effortlessly to enhance your stroking experience.
  8. Discreet and Easy to Clean:

    • Small, discreet, and perfect for on-the-go pleasure.
    • Effortlessly clean after use, ensuring hygiene and convenience.

Get ready to elevate your solo play with Rize! Turbine. This pocket stroker combines self-lubricating technology, premium materials, and a versatile design to provide a luxurious and customizable experience. Enjoy the sensation of 3 erotic chambers, body-warming features, and the flexibility to squeeze for added pressure. Let Rize! Turbine be the reason you Rize to new heights of pleasure!

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