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Ride Em Denim Nipple Clamps by California Exotics

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Color: Gold


Introducing the Ride ’em™ Premium Denim Collection Nipple Clamps - the must-have accessory that combines style and pleasure to amplify your intimate moments. Ride ‘em™ promises a tantalizing experience with two fully adjustable clamps that offer a range of sensations and endless possibilities. Get ready for ultimate comfort and satisfaction! These clamps feature soft and cozy pads that delicately yet securely grip onto your nipples, enhancing sensitivity and creating a blissful encounter. With the adjustable design, you can effortlessly customize the pressure to your liking, ensuring a snug fit and maximum enjoyment.

But wait, there's more! Each clamp is adorned with dual chains that add an extra layer of excitement. Every move you make sends subtle tugs, intensifying arousal and taking the overall experience to electrifying heights. Safety is a top priority with these nipple clamps, as they are meticulously crafted without any nickel.

Get ready to explore new realms of pleasure with the Ride ‘em™ Premium Denim Collection Nipple Clamps. Let your desires run wild as you embrace the thrill of this stylish and sensually captivating accessory. It’s time to saddle up and indulge in pure pleasure!

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