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Pumpit Protection For Your Erection Lubricant by Shots

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  1. Erection Protection: PumpIt Protection for Your Erection Lubricant is specifically formulated to provide protection and enhance the overall experience during intimate moments.

  2. Lubricating Properties: This lubricant not only offers protection but also provides lubrication for a smoother and more comfortable experience. The lubricating properties contribute to reduced friction, enhancing pleasure.

  3. Directions for Use: Apply as much gel as desired on the chosen body part. The user has the flexibility to use the lubricant according to their preferences. There are no strict guidelines, allowing for a personalized and enjoyable experience.

  4. Repeatable Application: Users can apply the lubricant as often as desired. The repeatable application feature allows individuals to customize their experience based on their specific needs and preferences.

  5. Storage Recommendations: Store the lubricant in a cool, dark place. Following these storage recommendations helps maintain the quality and effectiveness of the product.

Directions for Use: Apply the PumpIt Protection for Your Erection Lubricant to the desired body part as much as desired. There are no specific restrictions on the amount used. Repeat the application as often as needed. Store the product in a cool, dark place to preserve its quality.

Caution: Perform a patch test before widespread use to ensure compatibility with individual skin types. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Experience enhanced pleasure and protection with PumpIt Protection for Your Erection Lubricant. The freedom to apply as much as desired, along with repeatable application, provides users with a personalized and enjoyable intimate experience. Always follow the product instructions for safe and optimal use.

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