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Prostate Plug for Men by Rebel Men's Gear

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Color: Black


Remote Controlled Prostate Plug with 2 Functions, a prostate vibrator designed for ultimate pleasure with its unique features and pleasure-giving shape. This premium pleasure device incorporates a soft perineum bar and a shaft, both equipped with individual motors offering 11 vibration modes. The warming function, capable of reaching a soothing 42°C, enhances the overall experience for a delightfully heated backside.

  1. Dual Motors: The soft perineum bar and shaft each feature a motor, providing enhanced stimulation with 11 vibration modes for customizable pleasure.

  2. Warming Function: The warming function, located in the butt plug, warms up to 42°C, creating a sensually heated experience for added pleasure.

  3. Remote Control: The included remote control allows for convenient solo or partner play, giving you the flexibility to control the device effortlessly.

  4. USB Rechargeable: The prostate vibrator includes a USB cable for easy and convenient recharging, ensuring it's always ready for use.

  5. Travel Lock: Equipped with a travel lock feature, making it discreet and travel-friendly. This ensures that your essential pleasure item stays secure during transportation.

  6. Dimensions: The Rebel Remote Controlled Prostate Plug has a complete length of 13.6 cm, an insertion length of 10.5 cm, and a diameter of 3.4 cm.

  7. Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials, including silicone, PU, and ABS, ensuring a comfortable and body-safe experience.

  8. Battery Included: The remote control operates on 1 x LR23A battery, which is included for your convenience.

Instructions for Use:

  • Activate the dual motors with 11 vibration modes for customized pleasure.
  • Explore the warming function, reaching a delightful 42°C, to experience a sensually heated backside.
  • Utilize the remote control for convenient solo or partner play, adding flexibility to your intimate moments.
  • Charge the prostate vibrator using the included USB cable for continuous enjoyment.

The Rebel Remote Controlled Prostate Plug with 2 Functions offers a versatile and thrilling experience for users seeking advanced prostate stimulation. With its warming function, dual motors, and remote control, this prostate vibrator is designed to elevate your pleasure and deliver an unforgettable experience.

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