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Orange Is The New Black Triple Pleasure Clamps by Icon

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Color: Orange


  1. Integrated Nipple Clamps: The design includes built-in nipple clamps, offering adjustable pressure for customized nipple stimulation. This adds an element of excitement and arousal to your play.

  2. Integrated Vagina Clamps: Enjoy the additional sensation of integrated vagina clamps. These clamps provide a unique form of stimulation, enhancing pleasure and creating a multifaceted experience.

  3. Triple the Enjoyment: With both nipple and vagina clamps connected into one, users can indulge in triple the enjoyment. The simultaneous stimulation of multiple erogenous zones intensifies the overall experience.

  4. Adjustable Pressure: The clamps are typically designed with adjustable pressure features, allowing users to tailor the intensity to their preferences. This ensures a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

  5. Versatility in Play: The integrated design of nipple and vagina clamps offers versatility in play, making it suitable for various scenarios and preferences.

  6. Orange Is The New Black Theme: The product may be inspired by the theme "Orange Is The New Black," incorporating elements of style and design inspired by the popular show.

As with any intimate product, it's essential to prioritize communication, consent, and comfort between partners. Individuals may have different preferences and sensitivities, so exploring gradually and adjusting the clamps to suit personal comfort levels is key.

Please note that specific product details, features, and design may vary based on the manufacturer and product line. Always refer to the product description and instructions provided by the manufacturer for accurate information about the "Orange Is The New Black Triple Pleasure Clamps."

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