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LadyLove Life Size Realistic Doll by Madame X

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Color: Beige


Ladylove from the Madame X collection – a grand dame type doll meticulously crafted to fulfill your deepest desires and companionship needs. 


  • Weight: 45kg
  • Height: 170cm
  • Breast: 86cm
  • Waistline: 60cm
  • Hipline: 95cm
  • Feet size: 21cm
  • Vagina depth: 18cm
  • Anus depth: 18cm
  • Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)


  1. FleshClone Material: Ladylove is made of high-quality TPE, known as FleshClone, offering high elasticity and durability. This material ensures a lifelike feel and appearance, enhancing your experience.

  2. Articulated Body: Ladylove boasts a human-like skeleton structure made of durable stainless steel, allowing her to be agile and flexible. From head to toe, her joints are mobile, enabling her to adjust easily in various positions for full intimacy.

  3. Realistic Intimate Parts: Ladylove's intimate parts are incredibly realistic, both inside and out. Whether it's the vaginal opening, anal opening, or mouth, they are meticulously crafted to provide maximum pleasure.

  4. Cutting-Edge Features: From realistic eyes and sensual lips to firm breasts and round buttocks, Ladylove incorporates cutting-edge features to enhance your experience. Her realistic fingers and toes, along with bolts under her feet for stability, add to her lifelike appearance.

  5. Hygiene Guarantee: Each Ladylove doll is carefully packed by the manufacturer to maintain hygiene standards. Additionally, a piece of her skin, known as FleshClone, is provided as a sample to judge the softness and quality of her skin.

  6. Accessories: Ladylove comes with essential accessories, including a wig, sexy lingerie, comb, white cotton gloves, irrigator for rinsing, USB heating probe, finger and toe nails, screw for head attachment, and a user's guide.

Hygiene and Maintenance:

  • It's crucial to use water-based lubricants for a comfortable and optimal experience, ensuring not to use silicone, mineral, or petroleum-based lubricants that could damage the doll.

Vision of Madame X's Women: Ladylove isn't just a doll; she's a companion who can fill voids in your life and provide companionship when needed. Madame X aims to offer a safe and fulfilling alternative to human relationships, providing temporary or prolonged companionship without the complexities and disappointments often associated with human interactions.

Indulge in the ultimate pleasure and companionship experience with Ladylove from Madame X – the epitome of luxury and realism in the world of dolls.

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