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Johnny Wad Male Sex Doll by Hott Products

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  1. Size and Build:

    • Height: At 5'2" (160 cm) tall, JOHNNY WAD inflatable sex doll is about the height of an average adult, which can enhance its realism and presence as a companion.
    • Material: Made from body-safe PVC, it suggests durability and ease of cleaning, which are important factors for such products.
  2. Inflatable Design:

    • The inflatable nature means it's likely portable and easy to store, making it convenient for users who may have limited space.
  3. 9-Inch Penis and Pleasure Hole:

    • These features are clearly designed for sexual stimulation and fantasy fulfillment. The size mentioned is specific and caters to those looking for a particular experience.

Intended Use

  • Solo Adventures or Group Entertainment: JOHNNY WAD is versatile in its potential use, suitable for individual enjoyment or as a novelty item in a party setting.

  • Fantasy and Role Play: This doll can be used as a tool for sexual fantasy and role-play scenarios, providing a physical form to interact with.

Psychological and Social Aspects

  • Companion Aspect: While primarily a sexual device, the term "companion" implies a potential use for psychological or emotional comfort, though this aspect is more nuanced and subjective.

  • Party Entertainment: Its mention as a party accessory suggests it can also serve a humorous or social role in group settings.

Safety and Considerations

  • Material Safety: The mention of body-safe PVC is crucial, as it assures users of the product's safety in terms of material toxicity and allergic reactions.

  • Consent and Boundaries: In a group setting, it's important to consider the comfort and consent of all parties involved when introducing such an item.


JOHNNY WAD is presented as a multifaceted product, serving both as a sexual aid and a novelty item. Its life-size build, specific features, and the material used indicate a design that prioritizes both realism and functionality. As with any adult product, its use should be guided by personal preferences, safety, and mutual consent in group situations.

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