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Tri Me Triple Pack Classics Gift Set by Jo System

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The Tri Me Triple Pack Classics Gift Set, a thoughtfully curated collection designed to enhance your intimate experiences. Each 1oz bottle in this set offers a unique sensation, from the smooth glide of H2O Original to the tantalizing warmth of the massage glide and the deliciously edible Juicy Pineapple Lubricant. Elevate your moments of passion with this classic trio, perfect for exploration and shared enjoyment.

  1. H2O Original:

    • Experience the timeless pleasure of H2O Original, a water-based lubricant that provides a smooth and long-lasting glide. Perfect for intimate moments, this classic formula is designed for comfort and pleasure.
  2. Warming Massage Glide:

    • Ignite passion with the Warming Massage Glide, a delightful addition to sensual touch. Feel the gentle warmth as it enhances your intimate massages, creating an indulgent and soothing experience.
  3. Juicy Pineapple Lubricant (Edible):

    • Explore a delicious twist with the Juicy Pineapple Lubricant. This edible delight adds a touch of sweetness to your intimate moments, making it a flavorful and enjoyable addition to your sensual repertoire.

Key Features:

  • Classic Pleasure Trio:

    • The Classics Gift Set features three essential products, providing a variety of sensations for exploration and shared enjoyment.
  • Versatile H2O Original:

    • H2O Original offers a versatile water-based lubricant formula, ensuring a comfortable and smooth glide for all your intimate encounters.
  • Warming Sensation:

    • The Warming Massage Glide introduces a gentle warmth to enhance your intimate massages, creating a soothing and pleasurable experience.
  • Edible Delight:

    • Juicy Pineapple Lubricant is not only lubricating but also edible, adding a delightful and sweet twist to your intimate moments.
  • Compact 1oz Bottles:

    • The 1oz size of each product makes this set convenient for travel, allowing you to carry the pleasure of the Classics wherever you go.

Elevate your intimate encounters with the Tri Me Triple Pack Classics Gift Set, where classic formulas meet diverse sensations for an exploration of pleasure and connection.

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