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Mojo Peruvian Silicone Lubricant by Intimate Earth™

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MOJO Performance Silicone Glide Lubricant with Peruvian Ginseng

  1. Peruvian Ginseng Enhancement: Infused with Peruvian Ginseng extract for potential sexual enhancement, contributing to increased stamina and performance.

  2. Maximum Lubrication with Staying Power: Experience maximum lubrication that lasts, providing a smooth and enduring glide for prolonged pleasure.

  3. Paraben-Free: Formulated without parabens, ensuring a clean and body-friendly composition for those who prioritize natural and safe intimate products.

  4. Pure Vegan: Complies with vegan standards, making it suitable for individuals who follow a vegan lifestyle and seek cruelty-free products.

  5. Condom Safe: Compatible with latex condoms, ensuring a safe and protected experience during intimate encounters.

  6. Use Regularly for Desired Results: Designed for regular use to potentially enhance stamina and achieve desired results over time, contributing to a more satisfying intimate experience.

MOJO Performance Silicone Glide with Peruvian Ginseng is a unique and innovative lubricant that not only provides maximum lubrication and staying power but also incorporates the potential benefits of Peruvian Ginseng for enhanced sexual performance. With its paraben-free, vegan, and condom-safe formulation, it offers a well-rounded solution for individuals seeking a reliable and potentially performance-boosting silicone-based lubricant. Regular use is encouraged for those aiming to experience the full benefits and desired results.

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