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Hump Card Game by Kheper Games

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  1. Erotic Education and Sensual Gratification:

    • "Sensual Quest" combines erotic education with sensual gratification, creating an enticing game that stimulates both the mind and the senses.
  2. Four Exciting Trivia Categories:

    • Explore 40 Sex Position trivia cards, 40 Foreplay trivia cards, 40 Unique Experiences trivia cards, and 40 Down and Dirty trivia cards. Each category offers a diverse range of questions and challenges.
  3. Thrilling Race to Victory:

    • Compete with your partner to be the first to answer ten questions correctly. The victor earns the privilege of selecting a scintillating sex tip to act out, igniting flames of desire.
  4. Spinner for Fate Guidance:

    • Let fate guide your path with the included spinner, adding an element of surprise and intrigue to your sensual adventure.

How to Play:

  1. Setup:

    • Set up the game by organizing the trivia cards into the four categories: Sex Position, Foreplay, Unique Experiences, and Down and Dirty. Place the spinner within reach.
  2. Take Turns Answering Questions:

    • Players take turns answering questions from the trivia cards. The goal is to be the first to correctly answer ten questions.
  3. Earn the Privilege:

    • The player who reaches ten correct answers first earns the privilege of selecting a scintillating sex tip to act out with their partner.
  4. Navigate Through Desire:

    • Let the game guide you through an enticing landscape of questions and challenges, pushing the boundaries of pleasure and exploring the depths of your libidos.
  5. Victory and Seduction:

    • The ultimate prize awaits the victor, who becomes the master of seduction by selecting a sex tip that fulfills the deepest fantasies of both partners.

Note: Please ensure that all participants are comfortable and consenting to engage in the game. "Sensual Quest" is intended for lighthearted and consensual adult play.

Embark on a journey of passion and intrigue with "Sensual Quest: Erotic Education & Passionate Play" – the game that invites you and your partner to explore desires, ignite flames of desire, and become the masters of seduction. Let the sensual quest begin!

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