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Hold Tight Vibrating Bullet 2" by NMC

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Color: White


  1. Battery-Free Pleasure:

    • Say goodbye to batteries! The Hold Tight Handheld Vibe delivers pleasure without the need for traditional batteries, ensuring a continuous and powerful experience.
  2. Compact Powerhouse:

    • Despite its compact size, this handheld vibe is a powerhouse of vibrations, offering intense sensations for your pleasure.
  3. Easy-to-Grip Handle:

    • The ergonomic design features an easy-to-grip handle, providing comfortable control during your intimate moments.
  4. USB Powered:

    • Enjoy never-ending power by simply plugging the 60" USB cord into either a computer or a wall adapter. This convenient feature ensures that your pleasure is always ready to go.
  5. Vibrating Tongue Tip:

    • The vibrating tip boasts an elongated tongue shape that flips with each vibration. Coated with a smooth, soft silicone finish, it delivers delightful sensations.


  • Size: Approximately 2"
  • Power Source: USB cord (60" length)
  • Material: Silicone finish
  • Control: Easy-to-grip handle

To power up the Hold Tight Handheld Vibe, plug the provided 60" USB cord into a computer or wall adapter. The continuous and powerful vibrations, combined with the ergonomic design, make this vibe a delightful addition to your intimate moments. Enjoy the convenience and pleasure of a battery-free experience with the Hold Tight Handheld Vibe.

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