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Fuckers Sex Position Sucker Doggy Style by Little Geenie

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  1. Deliciously Strawberry Flavor:

    • Each lollipop is bursting with a variety of fruity flavors, creating a mouthwatering experience for your taste buds.
  2. Playful Sex Position Included:

    • Unwrap the sweetness and discover a playful sex position suggestion to spice up your romantic encounters.
  3. Perfect for Couples' Fun:

    • Share the joy of lollipops with your partner and turn every moment into a delightful and intimate adventure.

How to Enjoy:

  1. Savor the Flavor:

    • Take your time to savor the delicious flavor of strawberry lollipops.
  2. Unwrap the Surprise:

    • Unwrap the lollipop to reveal a surprise sex position suggestion, adding an extra layer of excitement to your intimate moments.
  3. Create Sweet Memories:

    • Let sweet lollipops be the sweet catalyst for creating fun and sweet memories with your partner.

Please note that adult lollipops are intended for playful enjoyment and are not designed for any other purpose. Always ensure that everyone involved is comfortable and willing to participate in such playful activities.

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