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Finger Fuck Textured Glove by Oxballs

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Color: Black



  1. Unique and Versatile Design: The Finger Fuck Textured Glove from Oxballs is a unique and versatile toy designed for various uses, all controlled by the hand.

  2. Rubbery Material: The glove is made of FLEX-TPR material, known for being super soft, squishy, and stretchy, enhancing comfort and pleasure during use.

  3. Five Unique Designs: Each finger of the glove features a different texture and pattern. There are a total of 5 unique designs, including spirals and nubs, allowing users to choose the desired form of pleasure.

  4. Interactive Control: The user has control over the sensations experienced, as the different textures on each finger provide a range of stimulations.

  5. Phthalate-Free: The material used in the Finger Fuck Textured Glove is phthalate-free, promoting safety and peace of mind during use.

  6. Versatile Pleasure: The glove offers versatility in pleasure, making it suitable for a variety of intimate experiences.

  7. Stretchy Material: FLEX-TPR material ensures that the glove is stretchy, allowing for a comfortable fit and accommodating different hand sizes.

The Finger Fuck Textured Glove by Oxballs is designed to provide a unique and customizable experience with its five different textures. The use of FLEX-TPR material adds a soft and stretchy element to the glove, enhancing overall comfort during intimate play. The phthalate-free feature aligns with safety considerations for users.

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