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Fantasy For Her Remote Vibrating Kegel Excite Her by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Purple


  1. Heightened Sensations and Stronger Orgasms: The Remote Kegel Excite-Her is designed to provide heightened sensations and stronger orgasms through kegel exercises.

  2. Inspired by Friend's Recommendation: The user was inspired by her best friend's incredible experiences and stronger orgasms since starting kegel exercises, prompting her to try it herself.

  3. Petite Design for Discreet Wear: The petite kegel excite-her is discreet and fits snugly, allowing for secret wear without anyone knowing.

  4. Enjoyable Workout Routine: The user considers her kegel exercises with the excite-her as her most enjoyable workout routine ever.

  5. Remote Control Operation: The included remote control adds an element of excitement, allowing the user or her partner to control the vibrations.

  6. G-Spot Stimulation: The excite-her provides fluttering vibrations deep inside the intimate tunnel, offering powerful G-Spot stimulation.

  7. Multiple Vibration Patterns: With _____ patterns of vibration, the user can explore different sensations and find the perfect rhythm for her pleasure.

  8. Public Wear: The user plans to wear her excite-her even in public, adding an element of thrill to her daily activities.

  9. Partner Interaction: The thought of her lover holding the remote control and taking command of her internal pleasure excites her, making their sex play even sexier.

  10. Intense Orgasmic Experience: With the excite-her, the user experiences an intensely incredible feeling, reaching orgasmic waves that pulse in her G-Spot and reverberate throughout her body.

  11. It's All About Her: The product is designed with a focus on women's pleasure, emphasizing that it's all about her and her satisfaction.

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