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Cummies Pina Colada Gummy Candies by Hott Products

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Cummies are sperm-shaped gummies designed for a playful and flavorful experience. These Pina Colada flavored candies are a whimsical and amusing treat, shaped like little sperm. The gummies are designed to add a fun and cheeky touch to adult-themed parties, bachelorette celebrations, or as a humorous gift.

  • Sperm-Shaped Gummies: The candies are creatively shaped like sperm, adding a playful and humorous element.
  • Pina Colada Flavored: Enjoy the tropical flavor of Pina Colada in each gummy for a delightful taste experience.
  • Net Weight: Each box contains a net weight of 4.2 ounces of candy.
  • Approximate Count: The box includes approximately 25 pieces of sperm-shaped gummies.
  • Box Dimensions: The box has a height of 3.5 inches and a width of 1 inch.

Usage: Cummies - Sperm Shaped Gummies are intended for adult consumption and can be enjoyed individually or shared during adult-themed events. They are a lighthearted and humorous addition to bachelorette parties or as a novelty gift.

Note: As with any adult-themed product, it's essential to consider the preferences and comfort levels of individuals. The candy is meant for playful and humorous occasions.

Disclaimer: Always be mindful of dietary restrictions and allergies when offering food products. The candy is designed for adult enjoyment, and its use should align with the preferences and consent of the individuals involved.

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